Welcome to IPFS News 193!

Welcome to IPFS News 193!

A lot has happened since the previous newsletter over a month ago. IPFS Thing took place in Brussels (opens new window), we created a Bluesky (opens new window) account, Brave released automatic NFT backups to IPFS (opens new window), content blocking can now be enabled in Kubo (opens new window), plus so much more! Read on to catch up with what’s happened in the ecosystem over the last few weeks.

# Recap: IPFS Thing 2023 🔄

The IPFS implementers community recently gathered in Brussels, Belgium for the second year of IPFS þing (opens new window), an annual gathering dedicated to advancing IPFS implementation. With 12 tracks and over 75 talks, demos, and sessions, the 5-day summit that occurred in April 2023 was a showcase of recent advances across IPFS, a forum for sharing needs from the protocol, and an opportunity to chart new directions for the future of IPFS.

Read the recap on the blog for photos, videos, and summaries! (opens new window)

# Brand New on IPFS ✨

IPFS is now on Bluesky! (opens new window)

Content Blocking for the IPFS stack is finally here! (opens new window)

  • Traditionally, content blocking within the IPFS ecosystem has been performed only at the IPFS gateway level and directly in Nginx, using something called the "Badbits denylist" — but now it can be enabled in Kubo & other tools in the IPFS stack too! Check out the blog post for more info. (opens new window)

What happens when half of the network is down? (opens new window)

IPFS Principles (opens new window)

Kubo 0.20.0 (opens new window)

  • This update includes:
    • Switch to boxo/gateway library
    • Improved testing
    • Trace Context support
    • Removed legacy features

Kubo 0.19.2 (opens new window)

Kubo 0.19.1 (opens new window)

# Around the Ecosystem 🌎

# IPFS Thing 2023 on YouTube 📺

All of the talks and presentations from this year’s gathering of the IPFS implementers community are now available on YouTube. If you weren’t able to attend, now is the perfect chance to catch up! Below you will find links to playlists for each content track: