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IPFS News Issue 201

Featuring the announcement of a recent demonstration of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) in space!

IPFS Companion MV3 Update

A quick update on the status of IPFS Companion in the MV3 world.

Introducing Major Improvements to Omnilingo

We’re happy to introduce some major improvements to Omnilingo, the decentralised language learning platform designed with special attention to small and marginalised language communities.

Welcome to IPFS News 199!

Featuring CURL supporting IPFS and a new IPFS implementation called Nabu.

Connect with us in Istanbul and Prague

Connect with the PL IPFS Implementers in Istanbul and Prague for DevConnect and DCxPrague! We want to hear from IPFS users to shape our 2024 plans.

Welcome to IPFS News 198!

Featuring announcements about Brave's New IPFS Infobar, Amino, and IPFS Connect!

Amino (the Public IPFS DHT) is getting a facelift

The ProbeLab team is working on a major refactoring of the Public IPFS DHT (henceforth called Amino) and a new feature which will accelerate the provide operation by several orders of magnitude. Read through to find out the details and how to get involved.

Brave Browser's New IPFS Infobar

We’re excited to share a new IPFS-related feature that appears in the most recent version of Brave.

Announcing IPFS Connect Istanbul 2023

Join the IPFS Community for a full day of workshops, lightning talks, and demos showcasing technology, tools, and innovative projects in the IPFS ecosystem.

Welcome to IPFS News 197!

Featuring an announcement about the new Ecosystem Working Group and Kubo v0.22.0