Welcome to IPFS News 194!

Welcome to IPFS News 194!

The month of May was packed full of new blog posts, þing 2023 recaps, and exciting milestones in the continued growth of IPFS. This edition of the newsletter covers everything from the launch of a new mobile app called Durin to a blog post explaining how to host dynamic content on IPFS using Helia.

Let’s dive in…

# Brand New on IPFS ✨

Announcing Durin: a New Mobile App for the IPFS Network (opens new window)

  • Durin is a new experimental app designed to make IPFS more accessible on mobile devices. Whereas in the past interacting with IPFS on mobile was difficult, you can now read and share to IPFS from iPhones and Android devices. Learn more and download here! (opens new window)

How to Host Dynamic Content on IPFS (opens new window)

IPFS Multi-Gateway Experiment in Chromium (opens new window)

  • John Turpish of Little Bear Labs goes over a new approach to implementing ipfs:// and ipns:// support natively in the browser, using a client-only approach and fetching verifiable responses from multiple HTTP gateways. Dive in here (opens new window)!

js-IPFS deprecation / replaced by Helia (opens new window)

IPFS Network Measurement Reports (opens new window)

  • If you're interested in IPFS Network performance metrics and network cartography, make sure to check out ProbeLab's Weekly reports! The reports are posted every Monday at the network-measurements repository on Github (opens new window) with commentary and discussion happening on the IPFS Discussion Forum (opens new window). Make sure to get involved in the discussion and reach out through the discussion forum, the network-measurements repository (by opening an issue), or at the #probe-lab channel in the IPFS Discord, or FIL slack.

What happens when half the network is down? (opens new window)

Introducing Rusty Lassie, a Rust wrapper for Lassie (opens new window)

  • A thin library embedding Lassie via CGo and FFI. With Rusty-Lassie, you can easily embed Lassie in your Rust project, start a Lassie HTTP server in a background thread, and retrieve CAR content using any HTTP client. Learn more about the project here (opens new window)!

# IPFS Thing Track Recaps 📝

Recap: Content Routing (þing 2023) (opens new window)

Recap: Community & Governance (þing 2023) (opens new window)

Recap: HTTP Gateways (þing 2023) (opens new window)

Recap: IPFS on the Web (þing 2023) (opens new window)

libp2p at IPFS þing 2023 Recap (opens new window)

# Around the Ecosystem 🌎

Founders Series, Episode 11: Juan Benet of Protocol Labs [Video] (opens new window)

  • In this talk from LabWeek22 last November in Lisbon, Juan explains the importance of R&D, the lack of funding it receives, and how he hopes to solve this problem with the Protocol Labs Network, an ecosystem of teams based on open source, working together bridge what he calls the innovation chasm — the separation between research and deployment of product. Watch it on YouTube! (opens new window)

Filecoin & IPFS Ecosystem Roundup [Video] (opens new window)

IPNS on Lighthouse (opens new window)

  • IPNS support is now live on Lighthouse. Now build creative dapps with the world's best p2p tech for mutable data. Edit and upload your data and build dynamic NFT collections, mutable file systems, and much more with this IPNS support. See the announcement on Twitter! (opens new window)

IPFS Open Metaverse Base Camp Accelerator (opens new window)

Filebase for Startups (opens new window)

  • Filebase now has a program that offers complimentary IPFS storage and dedicated gateways for startups to scale with. You can learn more about it on their website (opens new window).

Protocol Labs Launch Pad (opens new window)

HackFS kicked off on June 2 (opens new window)