IPFS News Issue 201

IPFS News Issue 201

# Filecoin Foundation Successfully Demonstrates IPFS in Space 🔭

The Filecoin Foundation (FF) successfully completed a first-of-its-kind mission demonstrating the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) in space. The recent demonstration involved sending files from Earth to orbit and back using an implementation of the IPFS protocol designed for space communications.

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# Brand New on IPFS ✨

Decentralizing DeFi frontends: protecting users and protocol authors (opens new window)

New Release: Kubo v0.26.0 (opens new window)

  • Several deprecated commands have been removed
  • Support optional pin names
  • jaeger trace exporter has been removed

New Release: Boxo v0.17.0 (opens new window)

  • pinning/pinner: you can now give a custom name when pinning a CID. To reflect this, the Pinner has been adjusted. Note that calling Pin for the same CID with a different name will replace its current name by the newly given name.

New Release: Iroh v0.12.0 (opens new window)

  • (bytes) Switch to a single directory for the flat store
  • (net) Add Magicsock::network_change
  • Usage metrics reporting
  • Remove derp regions in favor of direct urls
  • Additional public get utils

New Release: OrbitDB v2.0 (opens new window)

  • This version of OrbitDB replaces js-ipfs with Helia, IPFS's implementation for Javascript.

Popular on the Forums (opens new window)

ProbeLab Network Weekly Reports (opens new window)

# Around the Ecosystem 🌎

Sendme, built on iroh (opens new window)

  • It's like scp without needing to know the IP address. Add some files to sendme, and it will give you a pastable ticket that you can give to anyone who needs your files. Sendme will connect your devices directly & transfer the data without any accounts or configuration. Learn more here! (opens new window)

All-in-one Docker image with IPFS node best practices (opens new window)

What's IPFS and how it compares to BitTorrent (opens new window)

Encrypted Blockstore from Fireproof (opens new window)

Community contribution of nfs mounting as an alternative to fuse in kubo (opens new window)

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