Welcome to IPFS News 195!

Welcome to IPFS News 195!

As we enter into the summer months, things are slowing down just a bit as people go on holiday or get some much needed R&R, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of things to share with you! From a deep-dive into the challenges of measuring decentralized networks (opens new window) to news about Fission adding redirect support of IPFS, this month’s newsletter will keep you in the loop whether this edition finds you in the office, at home, or on the beach. 🏖️

Let’s jump in!

# Brand New on IPFS ✨

Kubo 0.21.0 (opens new window)

  • Saving previously seen nodes for later bootstrapping
  • Gateway: DeserializedResponses config flag
  • client/rpc migration of go-ipfs-http-client
  • Gateway: DAG-CBOR/-JSON previews and improved error pages
  • Gateway: subdomain redirects are now text/html
  • Gateway: support for partial CAR export parameters (IPIP-402)
  • ipfs dag stat deduping statistics
  • Accelerated DHT Client is no longer experimental

The Challenges of Measuring Decentralized Networks: The Case of the InterPlanetary File System (opens new window)

  • In this new blog post from the Internet Society's (ISOC) Pulse project, Yiannis Psaras of ProbeLab shares their experience measuring the stability, performance, and cartography of InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), one of the largest decentralized, P2P networks in operation. Read it here! (opens new window)

June Protocol Labs EngRes All Hands [Video] (opens new window)

  • The PL Engineering and Research (EngRes) Workgroup is formed by teams of core protocol developers, network researchers, and experienced contributors in the Protocol Labs Network. The PL EngRes WG mission is to scale and unlock new opportunities for IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p + IPLD, drive breakthroughs in protocol utility & capability, and scale network-native research & development across the PL Network. The PL EngRes WG hosts monthly all hands meetings to check in on progress, and showcase the growth and new capabilities being unlocked by these research & development teams. Watch it here! (opens new window)

js-IPFS Deprecation Reminder: Move to Helia! (opens new window)

# Around the Ecosystem 🌎

Fission adds redirect support for IPFS (opens new window)

  • Fission is dedicated to building and improving on decentralized web protocols. Redirect support is an officially accepted improvement for IPFS that makes it easier to host modern web applications. Learn more about it here! (opens new window)

IPFS data integrated directly into a blockchain explorer (opens new window)

Elevate by Outlier Ventures (opens new window)

  • Elevate is a virtual event series focused on spotlighting Outlier Ventures’ Base Camp Teams. Featuring talks from the very people driving Web3 forward, ELEVATE gives their partners, mentors, program experts and founders themselves an opportunity to showcase the progress they’ve made through their 12-week program. At the virtual event on July 6 (today!) you’ll be able to meet the builders onboarding the next billion users into the Open Metaverse, using IPFS. Join the event here! (opens new window)

ProbeLab Office Hours: IPFS Network Measurements (opens new window)

  • These open office hours are for anyone interested in network measurements in the IPFS network. The session is hosted by the ProbeLab (opens new window) team. During this session, they will discuss issues related to ongoing projects and IPFS network measurement topics more generally with the community. If you're working or are interested in contributing, make sure to join! (opens new window)

IPFS Multi-Gateway Experiment in Chromium (opens new window)

  • Learn about a new approach to implementing ipfs:// and ipns:// support natively in the browser, using a client-only approach and fetching verifiable responses from multiple HTTP gateways. Check out the blog post! (opens new window)

Secure Curves in the Web Cryptography API (opens new window)

Where to find the Filecoin Community at EthCC (opens new window)

Accelerate your Web3 journey: Protocol Labs Launchpad Summit on July 16-21 (opens new window)

# HackFS Winners 🏅

This year’s HackFS hackathon (opens new window) has come to a close, and several projects were selected as winners for the IPFS category. If you missed it, learn more about HackFS here (opens new window).

Introducing the HackFS 2023 winners for IPFS…

Web3Stash (opens new window) by @mbcse50 (opens new window)

unid.store (opens new window) by @Difint (opens new window)and @mr13tech (opens new window)

Fileblox (opens new window) by @Lycaoncreatives (opens new window), @raldblox (opens new window), and @luckscientist (opens new window)

  • FileBlox enables the creation of encrypted NFTs. It solves the right-click-and-save problem for our content creators while letting them get all the benefits of tokenization. Learn more here! (opens new window)

Star Streamer (opens new window) by @msakiart (opens new window)