Announcing IPFS Connect Istanbul 2023

Announcing IPFS Connect Istanbul 2023

IPFS Connect is a community-run regional conference bringing together all of the builders and ecosystems that rely on and use IPFS as the most widely used decentralized content addressing protocol for files and data. This year's event is happening alongside Devconnect and LabWeek23 in Istanbul, Turkey on November 16. Join the IPFS Community for a full day of workshops, lightning talks, and demos showcasing technology, tools, and innovative projects in the IPFS ecosystem.

There are several opportunities for you to get involved with this event whether you're a business, organization, or individual.

# Present to a large community of builders at IPFS Connect

We're planning a full day of talks & workshops to prepare and inspire builders from around the globe that are attending Devconnect. This includes large ecosystems and communities that rely on and integrate with IPFS, as well as individual builders joining to hack at ETHGlobal Hackathon that starts the day after IPFS Connect.

# Presentation & Workshop Types

  • Lightning talks & demos: short talks presenting your service, code, or app, designed to inspire, get signups, or talk about how you built it using IPFS.
  • Workshops: we have 2 dedicated workshop spaces that will be running all day. Run a workshop session with attendees walking through your -solution so they're ready to hack the next day.
  • Discussion: run a collaborative discussion on topics of interest - privacy, self hosting, devops best practices, decentralized data compliance, etc.
  • Full talks: present in one of two theater spaces, with professional video recording. We want to hear about your technical how-to, user stories, and other talks that inspire and educate.

Speakers receive a free ticket to the event, as well as discount codes to invite their community

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# Attend and connect with other community members

Tickets for IPFS Connect are on sale now, so you can register and buy early bird tickets to get full access to the day's events and opportunities: (opens new window)

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You can learn more about multiple sponsorship opportuntities via the sponsor deck here. (opens new window)


  • Beginners to experts in IPFS
  • Interested in adding IPFS to their Web3 stacks so that dapp front ends are decentralized and want to use off-chain files and data to build more usable apps

Startups, DAOs, Sovereign Chains:

  • Select technology and service providers building on the IPFS tech stack combined with other Web3 components
  • Exploring novel use cases for IPFS including provenance, computation, identity, and more

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