Connect with us in Istanbul and Prague

Connect with us in Istanbul and Prague

Hello, IPFS enthusiasts and users! We want to connect with you and hear your thoughts as we shape the future of IPFS for 2024. Your input is invaluable in guiding our efforts, so we're inviting you to meet with us in Istanbul and Prague at two exciting events: DevConnect / IPFS Connect in Istanbul 🇹🇷 and DCxPrague in Prague 🇨🇿.

# 🌐 Who We Are: The PL IPFS Implementers and Network Infrastructure Operators

We are the PL IPFS implementers and network infrastructure operators, working on projects like Kubo, Helia, and managing the gateway. Our goal is to create a better IPFS ecosystem, and your insights are a crucial part of this journey.

# 👋 We Want to Hear from You

Your input matters! We would be thrilled to connect with as many of our current and prospective users as possible during these upcoming events. Your thoughts and experiences will help us understand your needs and use cases, ultimately guiding our plans for 2024.

# 👂 We're Eager to Listen

Are you planning to attend any of these events? If so, we would love to connect with you and learn more about your experiences with IPFS. Whether you have feedback, insights, or simply want to share your thoughts, we're all ears. Your feedback will help us figure out how to make the most of our time and resources for the IPFS community.

# ❓ How Can You Get Involved?

If you're interested in sharing your thoughts and connecting with us during these events, please fill out this form (opens new window). We're eager to schedule time to meet with you to discuss your current IPFS challenges, needs, and hopes.

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