Web3 Weekend in review

Web3 Weekend in review

What better way to dive into all things Web3 than a weekend hackathon? The folks at ETHGlobal thought so, and we joined them during the last weekend in May for Web3 Weekend (opens new window).

This three-day event kicked off with a full-day summit, bringing together experts and illuminaries from across the ecosystem to encourage and inspire builders to challenge the idea of what’s possible with decentralized technologies. At the end of the day, IPFS and Filecoin creator Juan Benet gave a keynote on the benefits of working on Web3 now.

# Challenges + finalists

We offered a combined $20,000 Filecoin (FIL) prize pool distributed evenly between all submissions built on or with IPFS or Filecoin during Web3 Weekend. Any project built with ecosystem tools like Textile, Pinata, Fleek, Ceramic, Fission, Livepeer, and more received a prize—over 65 finalists in total!

Here are some of the projects that inspired us:

# Opsci Data Wallet

This data management system (opens new window) flips the data economy on its head and gives data sovereignty back to the creators - research participants - and empowers researchers with tools for interoperability, sharing, and reproducible workflows.

# The Convo Space

The Decentralized Conversation Layer of Internet (opens new window), customizable plugins for apps connecting conversations and communities across the Internet.

# MetaMeet

MetaMeet (opens new window) is a web 3.0-native social platform where you can build the perfect decentralized hang-out spot - one that transcends space and time!


NFT-ME (opens new window) brings quality and visibility to the production process of real world or digital assets, all tied to an NFT.

Congratulations to all of the finalists who made the first ever Web3 Weekend such a huge success! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

# Watch talks + workshops from the event

Missed out on Web3 Weekend? Check out talks from the community on some of our favorite subjects!


# Fission 🛠 Use your front-end skills to build full apps using only IPFS with Boris Mann

# Textile: Building with IPFS & Filecoin - an intro to Textile’s developer tools with Andrew W. Hill and Carson Farmer

# Ceramic 🛠 Primitives for Dynamic Data on Web3 with Joel Thorstensson

# NFTs

# Fleek 🛠 The Fleek NFT Toolkit with Samuele Agostinelli

# Interplanetary Timelessness: IPFS & Filecoin for the NFT Long Haul with Alan Shaw

# What’s Possible with NFTs with Pplpleasr, Molly Mackinlay, Billy Rennekamp, and Amy Jung

# Filecoin

# More than just Storage: Business Opportunities on Filecoin with Zixuan Zhang

# Textile: Building with IPFS & Filecoin - an intro to Textile’s developer tools with Andrew W. Hill and Carson Farmer

# Protocol Labs 📚 Building Simple Web Applications With Filecoin with Jimmy Lee

# Want to get involved in a future hackathon?

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