Decentralizing infrastructure during Scaling Ethereum

Decentralizing infrastructure during Scaling Ethereum

An endeavour to collaborate on creating a powerful foundation for the future of the Ethereum community, Scaling Ethereum (opens new window), has come to a close, resulting in some innovative and inspiring solutions. The IPFS and Filecoin projects, alongside the ETHGlobal team, sponsored this 4-week hackathon event.

We put up $7500 in Filecoin across various scaling areas to award to those brave and intrepid souls willing to rise to the challenge!

# Our challenges + winners

# 💮 NFT Metadata Updater

Mo minting, mo problems. Best method for managing signed permissioned and timestamped updates to NFT metadata stored on IPFS via any L2 chain.

Winner: Nama Finance

A decentralized one-stop-shop data manager for meta creators.

# ⛵️ Sailing the Sea of CIDs

You’re publishing everything to IPFS by default now, but… dude, where’s my stuff? Best tool, service, website or library for working with large collections of IPFS CIDs.

Winner: Hashmark

Hashmark is like Instapaper, but for NFTs. It’s the simplest way to view and bookmark NFTs.

Winner: IPFS-CIDSail (opens new window)

A command line utility that helps you find/check/keep track of your files published on IPFS.

Winner: HydroFile (opens new window)

An automated way to keep track of IPFS CIDs – sail the seas of CIDs!

Winner: DVHDB (opens new window) - Distributed Video Hash Database

A collaborative and distributed database of video hashes.

Congrats to all of the projects who participated during Scaling Ethereum, and thank you to our prize winners for their great work!

See all of the Scaling Ethereum projects in the official showcase (opens new window).

# Talks + workshops

The Protocol Labs team gave two talks at the event:

# Pre-event talk: Deploying Web3: IPFS Architectures, Topologies and Menageries with Dietrich Ayala

# SNARKs Summit: Scaling zkSNARKSs to meet the demands of Filecoin with Friedel Ziegelmayer

# Want to get involved in a future hackathon?

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