IPFS Camp Keynotes and Interviews

IPFS Camp Keynotes and Interviews

If you've been following the many IPFS Camp updates here in the blog, you've likely already explored the videos from our lightning talks (opens new window), deep dives (opens new window), poster projects (opens new window), core and elective courses (opens new window), and most recently the SciFi Fair (opens new window). Today, we're excited to share the Keynotes that brought us together on our first and last days of IPFS Camp, and the Community Interviews that highlight some of the amazing work being done by IPFS Camp attendees in the wider ecosystem.

# Keynotes

We kicked off our time together with a Welcome from David Dias (opens new window) recapping the IPFS Project Mission, our community, and how we defined success for IPFS Camp. Want to know our full agenda for the weekend? Check out this great overview of the InterPlanetary Space Training Program (opens new window) from David and all our content DRIs to index on everything IPFS Camp covered!

# Why IPFS? -- Juan Benet

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 6 19 45 PM (opens new window)

Juan Benet, the original creator of IPFS, used his keynote on "Why IPFS?" (opens new window) to help attendees zoom out to the wider context around our moment in time, how technology is evolving, and how IPFS fits into the bigger picture. He described the history of the internet, some potential predictions about the future, and how IPFS can address some major problems in the web as it exists today (notably censorship, inefficiency, and poor offline usability). Persistence, innovation, and determination are required to ensure we continue making progress for the long haul!

# IPFS Ecosystem Progress Report - Molly Mackinlay

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 6 19 33 PM (opens new window)

Want to learn about how the IPFS Community and Ecosystem have been growing? This video (opens new window) from Molly Mackinlay, IPFS Project Lead, is a great overview of the scale, progress, and important milestones IPFS has achieved so far in 2019. IPFS-powered apps and tools now reach millions of monthly end users, and hundreds of thousands of nodes participate in the public IPFS network daily!

# Closing

On our last day, we celebrated the amazing learning, presentations, and courses with a Space Training Program Graduation & Awards Ceremony (opens new window). Who got the award for best interactive skit? Watch this to see the team!

To close, Juan set us back out through the airlock back toward Earth with his IPFS Camp Sendoff (opens new window), including a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this camp possible - especially the tireless Protocol Labs Events Team who worked so hard to make this event a huge success! 🙏👏

# Recap

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 7 44 37 PM (opens new window)

Curious how everything fit together, or want to understand how the pieces of IPFS Camp became a greater whole? Check out this overview from Molly (opens new window) on how different components like the Poster Sessions & Deep Dives, SciFi Fair, Lightning Talks, and the Core & Elective Courses, wove together into a great community event. Many connections between different attendees and projects emerged from IPFS Camp too - spurring new collaborations and integrations. These great recaps from Textile (opens new window), Berty (opens new window), and of course the IPFS blog (opens new window) highlight a few!

# Community Interviews

IPFS Camp was all about sharing and forming connections between projects and individuals in the IPFS community, so we managed to get some sit-down time with a few wonderful community members to talk about their projects. Check out the videos below or skip right to the playlist (opens new window).

# Netflix Containers - Edgar Lee

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 5 23 20 PM (opens new window)

In this interview (opens new window), we heard from Edgar about how he's exploring distributing container layers through IPFS, and how it's changing his workflow at Netflix. His work on p2plab (opens new window) is already helping benchmark (and improve!!) IPFS throughput in reproducible and quantifiable ways.

# Audius - Hareesh Nagaraj

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 5 32 15 PM (opens new window)

We spoke (opens new window) to Hareesh from Audius (opens new window), a decentralized music streaming platform, about how they're using IPFS as their primary file storing system. Check out their recent launch blog post (opens new window) to learn more.

# And More

# Radicle & Monadic - Julian Arni (opens new window)

Julian told us about his peer-to-peer collaboration platform Radicle and the benefits of decentralized systems.

# World Brain - Oliver Sauter (opens new window)

We talked to Oliver about their decentralized search tool, Memex, and their peer-to-peer search engine for personal and collective knowledge, Worldbrain.io.

# IPFS Force - Steven Li (opens new window)

And on top of all that, Steven joined us from Shanghai City to discuss his work on IPFS-Force.

# That's All, Folks

This concludes our series of updates from IPFS Camp recap-ing the amazing presentations, demos, courses, and learnings we had together. We're so grateful to everyone for making this event so vibrant and creative - and are already looking forward to the next IPFS Camp. If you want more IPFS updates in the meantime, try these channels: