IPFS Camp Sci-Fi videos 🧬

IPFS Camp Sci-Fi videos 🧬
_Welcome to the Sci-Fi Fair!_

Hot on the heels of IPFS Camp videos covering lightning talks (opens new window), deep dives (opens new window), poster projects (opens new window) and core + elective courses (opens new window) come the interviews from our sci-fi fair (opens new window).

# The Sci-Fi Fair

In keeping with the fun and exploratory spirit of the camp, we put a twist on the usual conference demo area with our Sci-Fi Fair. We challenged our campers to bring their most surprising, experimental, interactive, scientific projects: in short, a vision of what the IPFS universe could look like in a future, or slightly askew, timeline.

See the complete-ish (we had quite a few guerilla participants!) list of Fair projects (opens new window) for more details, or skip to the playlist (opens new window) if you're impatient.

# Textile

_The Textile team demonstrates their interactive wares_

Long-time IPFS community members Textile (opens new window) brought their crowd favorite p2p photobooth, as well as a game of cryptographically verified Interplanetary Tag (opens new window) (or arguably Interplanetary Assassin)

# RPi Cluster

_Hector explains the topology of the RPi cluster (feat. many blinkenlights)_

Hector and the rest of the IPFS Cluster (opens new window) team came through with a project high in fun, fabric, and blinking lights: the Raspberry Pi IPFS Cluster. Six tiny but mighty (and lovingly upholstered) nodes tirelessly worked together to pin whatever CIDs were thrown at them and reported their pinset load through an ingenious hardware display. Not pictured: @cluster-labs' (opens new window) Horizon UI for IPFS Cluster (opens new window) giving fair attendees even more fine-grained insights into the pinset.

@achingbrain's npm-in-a-box
Alex Potsides’s (opens new window) npm-in-a-box project

BONUS: If you like big IPFS nodes running on small computers (and/or "The IT Crowd"), you may also enjoy Alex's "npm in a box" (opens new window), which packs the entire NPM package repository on a very portable (and pretty sleek looking) RPi based IPFS node with a BIG archival grade hard drive. Take this with you on your field trip and your team will never see an npm timeout ever again.

# MetaMask's Network Visualizer

_[kumavis](https://github.com/kumavis) shows off the live network visualizer_

The MetaMask (opens new window) crew brought a tool that proved invaluable in their network connectivity diagnostics: a DHT visualizer. Following some wireless network trouble (a real-world scenario to be sure), we were treated to some beautiful visualizations of network connectivity.

# And More

These are just some of the projects that made it to the Fair: head over to the offical Fair playlist (opens new window) to catch the rest of the videos, as well as the full cuts of the interviews above. Don't miss Berty's Bluetooth Low Energy p2p transport (opens new window), Brave's one-click in-browser IPFS (opens new window), and more!

# Lest We Forget

Our tireless camera crew could only be in one place at a time (we're working on it), which has left some of our favorite projects sadly underdocumented in the video department. Here are some stills that fill in the gaps:

@MarneeDear's FARS + @gorhgorh's minitel IPFS
Marnee Dearman (opens new window)'s IPFS-over-Ham Radio FARS project and Jérôme's IPFS Chat on a French Minitel terminal

@vasa-develop's 3D collaboration
Vasa (opens new window)'s CRDT-based collaborative 3D modeling interface

@gorhgorh's catbot
[Jérôme Loï](https://github.com/goth goth)'s libp2p-powered Lazer Catbot (unfortunately no cats were on premises)

the elusive @rklaehn
Actyx's Rüdiger (opens new window) has somehow managed to avoid ALL photos at the fair, so here's a shot of him demoing their amazing industrial automation system from the lightning talks

@aschmahmann's Fast IPNS
Last but not least, Adin (opens new window)'s "Fast IPNS" demo (it was VERY FAST!)

# Keep Exploring!

Huge thanks to our SciFi Fair participants for making IPFS Camp so out-of-this-world! If you're excited by any of these projects, please do get involved by checking out the sci-fi fair repo (opens new window) or reaching out to presenters directly about their work.

There's still more great content from IPFS Camp content coming your way, including recordings of keynotes and interviews. If you're interested in receiving an update when the next batch of videos are available, try out one of these routes: