2019 IPFS Camp 1st batch of recordings are out!

2019 IPFS Camp 1st batch of recordings are out!

You read it right, the recordings from IPFS Camp are starting to get out, grab them while they are HAWT 🔥

For this batch we have:

# ⚡️ Lightning Talks (opens new window)

Presenter Name & GitHub handle Topic Slides Recording
Justin Maier (@justmaier (opens new window)) and Victor Rortvedt (@twoirtter (opens new window)) Introducing The Gathering, a web app built with Libp2p to improve in-person networking at conferences and gatherings PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Alex Potsides (@achingbrain (opens new window)) npm on IPFS: Using IPFS to install your JavaScript dependencies 📦 HTML (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Shokunin (@leshokunin (opens new window)) Building a Dropbox replacement on IPFS and Textile PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Makoto Inoue (@makoto (opens new window)) ENS + IPFS: Using ENS as a naming system for IPFS PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Benjamin Kampmann (@gnunicorn (opens new window)) Changing the record: Using substrate to add a custom blockchain to your IPFS dweb app PDF (opens new window) - Google Slides (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Andrew Nesbitt (@andrew (opens new window)) Republishing a project's npm dependencies to IPFS as a micro-registry 📦 N/A (video talk) Video (opens new window)
Blake Joyce (@bjoyce3 (opens new window)) Who wins in a fight: Superman, HTTPS, or IPFS? PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Pierre Neidhardt (@ambrevar (opens new window)) Package distribution using IPFS on Guix 📦 PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Adrian Lanzafame (@lanzafame (opens new window)) A quick look into the Pinning API proposal PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Dmitry Starodubcev (@xhipster (opens new window)) CYB: Your personal robot on the Great Web PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Eric Myhre (@warpfork (opens new window)) Solving the distributed naming problem (!) in the applied cases of package management 📦 PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Héctor Sanjuán (@hsanjuan (opens new window)) go-ds-crdt: CRDT KV stores arrive in go-land HTML (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Brendan O'Brien (@b5 (opens new window)) Using dsync for point-to-point DAG transfer PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Andrew Hill (@andrewxhill (opens new window)) Content addressing and personal data sovereignty PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Kinuko Yasuda (@kinu (opens new window)) and Jim Pick (@jimpick (opens new window)) Signed exchanges in Chrome PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Edgar Lee (@hinshun (opens new window)) Containerd meets IPFS PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Antoine Eddi (@aeddi (opens new window)) Implementing libp2p over Bluetooth Low Energy PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Irakli Gozalishvili (@gozala (opens new window)) Inter Planetary Data Feed (IPDF) PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Gonçalo Pestana (@gpestana (opens new window)) Privacy in P2P networks: DHTs and IPFS PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Victor Grishchenko (@gritzko (opens new window)) An overview of RON PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Rüdiger Klaehn (@rklaehn (opens new window)) Actyx's experiences on building with IPFS PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Jonathan Budd (@cesarosum (opens new window)) Peergos: E2E encrypted storage and social network on IPFS PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
André Cruz (@satazor (opens new window)) Introducing Nomios Website (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Alexandre Trottier (@postables (opens new window)) Why open source matters and how individuals can further the movement PDF (opens new window) Video (opens new window)
Andrew Hill (@andrewxhill (opens new window)) Textile SLIDES Video (opens new window)
Matt Ober (@obo20 (opens new window)) IPFS Industry Trends SLIDES Video (opens new window)
Zhanna Sharipova (@sharipova (opens new window)) Anytype SLIDES Video (opens new window)

# 📃 Poster Projects (opens new window)

Topic Owner Description Recording
HTTP gateways (opens new window) autonome
@autonome (opens new window)
An IPFS Gateway acts as a bridge between traditional web browsers and IPFS. Video (opens new window)
The intricacies of DWeb Addressing (opens new window) lidel
@lidel (opens new window)
Systems like IPFS use hashes of data to reference content by itself, rather than by an arbitrary location/name. With this comes compatability and human concerns around referencing data. Video (opens new window)
IPLD Selectors (opens new window) maparent
@maparent (opens new window)
IPLD Selectors are expressions that identify ("select") a subset of nodes in an IPLD dag. i.e. subsets of IPLD objects. Video (opens new window)
Graphsync (opens new window) b5
@b5 (opens new window)
A protocol to synchronize graphs across peers. Video (opens new window)
KeyStore (opens new window) gozala
@gozala (opens new window)
A secure and simple way of storing and managing keypairs (for IPFS services). Video (opens new window)
NPM-on-IPFS (opens new window) achingbrain
@achingbrain (opens new window)
Let's take NPM and put it on IPFS. Video (opens new window)
DAG walking facilities in IPLD (opens new window) warpfork
@warpfork (opens new window)
The goal of IPLD is to enable decentralized data-structures that are universally addressable and linkable. Video (opens new window)
IPFS/libp2p PubSub (opens new window) whyrusleeping
@whyrusleeping (opens new window)
Publish-Subscribe, called ‘pubsub’ for short, is a pattern often used to handle events in large-scale networks. Video (opens new window)
CRDTs (opens new window) parkan
@parkan (opens new window)
A "Conflict-free replicated data type" is a data structure which can be replicated across multiple computers in a network, without conflicts! Video (opens new window)
IPFS Nodes (opens new window) carsonfarmer
@carsonfarmer (opens new window)
A general overview of what it means to be/implement an IPFS node. Video (opens new window)
IPFS DHT (opens new window) gpestana
@gpestana (opens new window)
IPFS uses a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) to keep track of various types of data, such as content provider records. Video (opens new window)
Mutable File System (MFS) (opens new window) leshokunin
@leshokunin (opens new window)
Mutable File System (MFS) is a tool built into IPFS that lets you treat files like you would a normal name-based filesystem. Video (opens new window)
Bitswap (opens new window) jacobheun
@jacobheun (opens new window)
Bitswap is the data trading module for IPFS. Its purpose is to request blocks from and send blocks to other peers in the network. Video (opens new window)
PeerPad internals (opens new window) jimpick
@jimpick (opens new window)
PeerPad is a decentralized editor that allows concurrent writing of text. Video (opens new window)
go-ipfs Infrastructure (opens new window) stebalien
@stebalien (opens new window)
This topic should cover what it takes to initialize a go-IPFS node, and connect it to a public P2P network. Video (opens new window)
IPFS Cluster (opens new window) meiqimichelle
@meiqimichelle (opens new window)
IPFS Cluster is a stand-alone application and a CLI client that allocates, replicates, and tracks pins across a cluster of IPFS daemons. Video Part-1 (opens new window)
Video Part-2 (opens new window)
Textile internals (opens new window) andrewxhill
@andrewxhill (opens new window)
Textile is a set of tools and trust-less infrastructure for building censorship resistant and privacy preserving applications. Video (opens new window)
The design of the IPFS Repo (opens new window) dignifiedquire
@dignifiedquire (opens new window)
A repo is the storage repository of an IPFS node. It is the subsystem that actually stores the data IPFS nodes use. Video (opens new window)
IPFS/Libp2p content routing (opens new window) bigs
@bigs (opens new window)
The IPFS routing system utilizes "content provider records" hosted on a distributed key-value store to resolve content providers. Video (opens new window)
Circuit Relay (opens new window) ianopolous
@ianopolous (opens new window)
The circuit relay is a means to establish connectivity between libp2p nodes (e.g. IPFS nodes) that wouldn't otherwise be able to establish a direct connection to each other. Video (opens new window)
Swarming (concept) (opens new window) mburns
@mburns (opens new window)
Swarming is a software method that takes advantage of multiple peers (the "swarm") to fulfill a task which may be easily distributed. Video (opens new window)
IPNS (opens new window) aschmahmann
@aschmahmann (opens new window)
IPNS is a system for creating and updating mutable links to IPFS content. Video (opens new window)

# There are more to come, keep posted!

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