Announcing the IPFS Camp 2024 Track List

Announcing the IPFS Camp 2024 Track List
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IPFS Camp 2024 is back this summer! It will take place on July 11-13 in Brussels, Belgium alongside EthCC and today we’re announcing a track list so hip you’ll be grooving just reading the headlines. Three days workshops, discussion circles, hacking time, and more — all focused on connecting builders and users to make the internet more sustainable, democratic, and secure.

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# 2024 Track List

# Opening Keynotes

A warm and wonderful kickoff to IPFS Camp with keynote speakers, fireside chats, and a smörgåsbord of community talks and perspectives on the present and future of IPFS.

# Decentralized Apps and Publishing

Explore the latest tools, frameworks, and best practices for building and deploying dApps that are resilient, fully decentralized, hard to phish, and respect people’s privacy.

# Public Records and Human Rights

Discover how IPFS is being used to protect public records, to authenticate pictures online, and support human rights initiatives worldwide.

# AI in 2024: Ethics, Ownership, and Data

In this track, we'll explore urgent topics of attribution, ethics, and payment in the age of AI-generated art, music, and text. Then, we’ll dive into how content-addressed data forges new opportunities for creators and developers.

# Climate Resilience and IPFS

In the face of the growing climate crisis, reliable and transparent environmental data is more crucial than ever. This track explores real-world applications of IPFS in environmental monitoring, climate modeling, and disaster response.

# Syncing Bytes at Scale

Dive into the latest techniques and tools for efficiently syncing bytes at scale with IPFS. Learn how to optimize data transfer, ensure data integrity, and reduce bandwidth costs. Whether you're working with scientific, media, or enterprise data — or any kind of large-scale data whatsoever to be honest, it’s all about the bytes — this track has something for you.

# Libp2p Day

Join us for a full day dedicated to libp2p, the modular networking stack that powers IPFS, Ethereum, and other decentralized protocols. Learn about the latest developments in libp2p, including new transports, improved NAT traversal, and enhanced security features. Hear from the core developers and researchers behind libp2p, and discover how you can use this powerful library to build your own networks and applications.

# IPLD, Databases, and the People Who Love Them

Meet the passionate developers and researchers pushing the boundaries of what's possible with IPLD. Learn how experts use IPLD to build more efficient, interoperable databases and data structures, and join the efforts to push IPLD forward.

# Startup Showcase

Lightning talks from projects and startups using IPFS to solve real-world problems, plus roundtables on how to solve shared challenges.

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